1.Public Relations

Public relations services offered by big equation marketers includes:

press release writing and distribution, writing and submitting articles to publication both print and electronic, arranging for editorial tours, and developing press kits Public Relations is still a proven activity of getting the word out to the media about your products, services, and business announcements.

A good Public Relations can cost less than a full page ad placement in a trade publication and will reach more potential customers with a high quality of message.

Our Public Relations Services Include:

•Scheduling editor meetings and editorial tours
•Developing editorial calendars
•Developing editorial mailing lists
•Creating press kits for tradeshows
•Writing press releases
•Writing article and success stories

2.Media Promotions

Media Promotions includes researching and finding the best publications or platforms to run your advertisement, obtaining the best price for the placement, and ensuring that the ads are schedule properly and meet the publication guidelines.

For new advertisers with a publication or Internet website, it is often possible to obtain additional incentives from the publisher in the way of credits, discounts, inclusion into directories, and future editorial consideration.

Our Media Promotion Services Include:

•Obtaining the best price per placement
•Researching appropriate publications and websites for placement

3.Wikipedia page creation

Want to create a Wikipedia page about yourself or your business? Get in touch with us to find out if you’re a candidate for our Wikipedia Page Creation services.

Wikipedia is an open-source site that allows anyone to add or modify content. Nevertheless, new entries must follow established rules and pass through Wikipedia editors monitoring content accuracy and guarding against spam. Those same editors also check that new pages are eligible for publication on the site.

For a new Wikipedia page to go up, its subject must have 5-7 major press mentions. That means not everyone is immediately a good candidate for our Wikipedia Page Creation services. If you think your press coverage qualifies you for a Wikipedia page, contact us to get listed.

We work with experienced Wikipedia editors who are knowledgeable about what it takes to create quality Wikipedia pages that stick. We also provide professional writers to compose your new page’s content with skill and polish.

Even if you don’t have enough press coverage yet, we may still be able to set up a Wikipedia page for you. To generate press coverage, we put you in contact with multiple press agencies and guarantee a minimum of 5-7 major media mentions. Once this first hurdle is cleared we can begin work on your Wikipedia page.

Keep in mind that not even having the necessary press coverage makes everyone a good candidate for these services. We encourage you to talk to us directly about how these services can benefit you.

Wikipedia Page Creation services also assist with reputation management.

As it is often the first thing to appear on search engine results, a Wikipedia page will instantly give you and/or your company more credibility. Get started today.

4.Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization should be a key component of every digital marketing campaign. Its focus is to continuously refine the site’s user experience and conversion flow through AB testing to increase the percentage of visitors that turn into leads.

Your website gets new visitors every day but what percentage of those visitors are actually turning into sales or leads?

Conversion Optimization is the practice of increasing the conversion rate by testing adjustments to on-page elements.

These adjustments could be as simple as modifying the copy in a call-to-action or changing the color of a button or as elaborate as design alterations to your landing pages.

Big Equation marketers offers custom conversion optimization services to maximize your conversions. From form fills and sign-ups to ecommerce sales – no matter what the goal of your site is, our strategies will show you results.

Audit or implement analytics goals tied to the site’s conversions to ensure proper tracking data.
Install heat-map tracking on key landing pages to track user behavior.

Complete a full UX & Conversion Analysis for the website detailing the recommendations for improving conversion based on best practices, analytics data, heat mapping data and our team’s expert knowledge from implementing conversion strategies for other companies.

•Prioritize the recommendations from conversion analysis.
•Begin AB testing the key elements outlined in the analysis.

Once statistically-significant positive results have been obtained by a particular test, the improvement should be rolled-out to positively influence the site’s overall business success.